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The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival includes workshops to please every musical palate.  This fine group of musicians will be sharing their experience and expertise on their instruments, voice,  song-arranging, song-writing, and more.   The workshops will be held at the Peacham Congregational Church and other locations in the village center.
Participants are encouraged to be on time, be courteous to others, do not eat in the workshop rooms (water bottles are ok), and enjoy your time with these fine musicians.
Rose Dedam is our workshop coordinator.  If you have questions, please contact Rose at telephone (802) 592-3068 or via email at  rose.r.kent@gmail.com  
Workshop Schedule
This is the workshop schedule as of June 10, 2018.  There may be some small adjustments which will be posted as they arise, and we will flesh out the workshop descriptions below when we get the final info from the artists.


August 19


Church Social Hall


Sunday School Room




Craft Area Jam Tent 


Peacham Gym


9:00–10:15 am



Band Scramble 


Fifth Business

Group Sing Along


Darcie Feller

Yoga Wake-Up


10:30–11:45 am



Dana & Susan Robinson

Old Time Banjo and Fiddle” 


Doug Perkins



Bob Amos

 Harmony Singing


Gary Darling

Bluegrass Jam


Family Contra Dance



12:15–1:30 pm



12:00-3:00 PM 





Del Rey



Afternoon Church Concerts  See the Performance Schedule



Annie & The Hedonists

A & TH Mega Jam


Morris Dancing 
Demonstration outside gym
 Midnight Capers 
Morris & Sword





12:00-3:00 PM 






Green Room for Church Concert Performers

Authorized Access Only 




Afternoon Church Concerts  See the Performance Schedule






Workshop Details:
Instrument Petting Zoo

This is a project of the Young Tradition of Vermont organization.  A collection of instruments will be available all afternoon in the church social hall for young, curious or aspiring musicians of any age to pick up, play, and experience.  Zookeepers will be available to assist zoo visitors throughout the day. 

Location – Church Social Hall - 12:00 - 3:00 pm

Band Scramble - Join the Band

A Band Scramble is when folks attending the festival throw their names in a hat.  A random drawing results in groups containing 3-5 players.  These groups are now a band and they have the day to get together with their band mates, pick a band name and arrange a tune to be presented before a live audience at 4:30 PM in the Church.   A winning band will be chosen by the classic applause-o-meter method and will receive an appropriate prize for the winning effort.  A facilitator will be present to assist in the drawing and organization of the bands -  


Drawing and Organization - Sunday School Room in the church - 9:00 am - 10:15 am 

Performances - Sanctuary in the Church - 4:30 pm- 5:00 pm

Fifth Business - "Group Sing" 

Masters of balladry and group singing, Fifth Business will lead this workshop in the are of making "a joyous noise"!  This workshop is open to all voices and levels of participation.  

Location – Sanctuary in the Church - 9:00-10:15

Dana & Susan Robinson - Old Time Banjo and Fiddle”

Expert purveyors of that genuine old time sound that comes from the deep hollows and high mountains, Dana and Susan will share their intimate knowledge of that Old Time sound on Banjo and Fiddle.

Location – Church Social Hall - 10:30-11:45 am

Bob Amos - The Art of Harmony Singing

Singout! Magazine has called Bob Amos "one of the most consistently interesting and intelligent songwriters in American music." Bob will lead a workshop in how to sing in harmony. All are welcome to participate. No previous experience  is necessary.

Location – Sanctuary in the Church - 10:30 am - 11:45 am

Doug Perkins -  Guitar

Anyone that has heard Doug play knows that he knows the guitar.  Come join Doug as he shares some tips on how to master your own instrument.

Location – Sunday School Room in the Church - 10:30 am - 11:45 am

Gary Darling of Bayley Hazen BoysBlue Grass Jam

Come join an informal jam with Gary Darling of the Bayley Hazen Boys.  Rumor has it that the GrassFed Boys may be stopping in. All are welcome to listen and/or participate.  

Location – Jam Tent - 10:30 am - 11:45 am

Del Rey - Ukulele

Del Rey, One of the Ukulele’s Most Important Players and Teachers” Ukulele Magazine 2016

“Sandy Hines was the first girl I ever met who was obsessed with the ukulele,” says Del. “About five years after we met, she and some of her ukulele friends from the South came to Seattle, where I was living, for a ukulele festival.  I felt like I was surrounded by all these people going, ‘Four strings good, six strings bad.’ I was like, ‘I need a ukulele,’ and I ended up buying one at a flea market that weekend.”

Come find out what all the ukulele buzz is about.  You will be hard pressed to find a more talented All are welcome to participate. No previous experience  is necessary.

Location –Sunday School Room in the Church - 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm 

Annie & The Hedonists - Mega Jam

"Great singing, great musicianship, authentic and real. Most of all, a heck of a lot of fun! If this is hedonism, I’m in!"
- Ellen Rocco, Station Manager, North Country Public Radio

Don't miss this chance to join in as Annie & The Hedonists lead the way on this musical mystery jam!

Location – Jam Tent - 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Midnight Capers Morris & Sword - Morris Dance Workshop

The Midnight Capers Morris and Sword will demonstrate dances from our own Kingsbury Branch tradition. We will teach a simple jig and a traditional stick dance. 
The term "Morris Dance" can describe a variety of regional English folk dances. We dance in the style of the Cotswold region. The various styles and a brief history of Morris dancing will be discussed. 

Location –Gym - 12:45 pm - 1:30 pm

For questions, suggestions, or if you need more information, please contact Rose Dedam, Workshop Coordinator at telephone (802) 592-3068 or via email at  rose.r.kent@gmail.com  

Access to the workshops is included as part of the Saturday Day Pass ticket, the Saturday All Access ticket or the Weekend ticket.
To purchase tickets on-line, go 
Tickets may also be purchased at the festival registration area on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday.   
All Peacham Acoustic Music Festival venues are smoke and alcohol free!