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  Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing    http://www.bobamos.com

With the release of two new critically acclaimed bluegrass CD, Borrowed Time, and Sunrise Blues Bob Amos has assembled a talented bluegrass ensemble, featuring some of New England’s favorite acoustic musicians, to perform his new material at selected concerts and festivals.

BOB AMOS & CATAMOUNT CROSSING features Bob on banjo, guitar and vocals, Sarah Amos on vocals, Freeman Corey on fiddle, Chris Cruger on bass, Gary Darling on mandolin and Steve Wright on guitar. The band puts on a very entertaining high energy show, with stellar vocals, terrific original material, plus some great new interpretations of some bluegrass classics.

Bob Amos became an internationally recognized and acclaimed bluegrass musician and songwriter as the leader of the popular award winning band FRONT RANGE. From 1990-2003 FRONT RANGE recorded seven CDs, five for indie heavyweight SUGAR HILL RECORDS, and received top notch reviews and heavy airplay on bluegrass radio programs throughout the world. With the release of his newest CDs Borrowed Time and Sunrise Blues which have received wonderful reviews and airplay on bluegrass radio shows all across the country, Bob is once again in the bluegrass spotlight with a whole new batch of stellar original songs, and a terrific new band, BOB AMOS & CATAMOUNT CROSSING to present this new material to the public


On Friday, August 18, the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present Bob Amos and Catamount Crossing
and on Saturday, August 19, Bob and Sarah Amos 
 Original and traditional bluegrass featuring Sarah Amos (vocals),Freeman Corey (fiddle), Gary Darling (mandolin), Steve Wright (guitar) and Chris Cruger (bass).

Stephen Seifert  www.stephenseifert.com/

Stephen has been playing the mountain dulcimer since 1991. He has toured with David Schnaufer, performed with orchestras around the country, and been a featured performer in Japan. Since 1996, he has taught and performed at festivals and dulcimer clubs in Los Angeles, Detroit, New York, Pensacola, Houston, and many places in-between. "I want to play all styles of music on the mountain dulcimer. I also want to help my fellow dulcimer players pursue their musical desires, whatever they might be, with the least amount of time-wasting detours." 


                 The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Stephen Seifert on Saturday, August 19

Jason Bergman -The Primal Boys

Presenting American roots music, blues and bluegrass, the Primal Boys are Russell Seeger, guitar, and Jason Bergman, fiddle, with special guest percussionist Larry Eagle.

Seeger is a talented songwriter and guitarist who’s been around the New York scene the 1970s when he was a member of the Sheiks. He recently released “Live in Peace” on Paradiddle Records, and had appeared on their Bob Dylan and the Kinks tribute albums. As a member of the Last Hombres, Seeger has toured the US, recording the album “Redemption” with drummer Levon Helm. Seeger has also performed with the Kennedys, Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements, John Hartford and Paul Seibel.

Bergman became a Barnet resident after performing on five continents as half the New York duo Jason ‘n’ Grayson. Here in Vermont he has been a member of Banjo Dan and the Midnight Plowboys, and the Woods Tea Company, as well as recording and performing with Colin McCaffrey, Patti Casey and Patrick Ross to name a few. Bergman is also a member of the Vermont Philharmonic and the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra. He has a thriving presence as a music teacher at the St. Johnsbury Academy and at his studio in Barnet.

Drummer and percussionist, Larry Eagle keeps his musical portfolio diversified. He’s a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions Band (Grammy winner for traditional folk music) and played drums on pop star John Legend’s Grammy nominated second album. The 2013 Andy Statman album Superstring Theory is a quintet record featuring Andy Statman, Jim Whitney, Eagle and special guests Tim O’brien and Michael Cleveland. Eagle had recorded albums with artists as diverse as country\bluegrass superstar Ricky Skaggs and powerful jazz\soul singer Lizz Wright. Eagle has performed on the Tonight Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Good Morning America, PBS, the BBC and an ice-breaking Baltic Sea ferry out of Naantali, Finland.

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Jason Bergman and the Primal Boys
on Friday, August 18 and on Saturday, August 19

Brendan Taaffe  www.brendantaaffe.com

"Your mbira playing is beautiful!"   —Pete Seeger

Deeply versed in Irish and American traditions, it is on the mbira that Brendan Taaffe has found a truly distinctive voice, blending old-time ballads with traditional Zimbabwean rhythms. The ripple of the mbira, an instrument over a thousand years old, and Taaffe's lush tenor casts old songs in a new light, creating "the kind of hushed, lonely warmth you experience sitting by a fire in a drafty house."

A multi-instrumentalist on guitar, fiddle, banjo, and mbira, Brendan has toured with many different groups, including nationally acclaimed dance band Magic Foot and the internationally acclaimed vocal ensemble Northern Harmony. In addition to performing solo, he currently directs The Bright Wings Chorus, a vocal ensemble, and is the frontman of The New Line, a band that blends mbira with banjo, electric guitar, and percussion, creating a bridge between American and African traditions.

Originally from Minnesota, Brendan now lives in Brattleboro, Vermont and tours regularly throughout the U.S. and Europe.

"In the tradition of Abigail Washburn's Sparrow Quartet or, more famously, Paul Simon's landmark album Graceland, Brendan Taaffe is a savvy composer who brings disparate musical cultures together with enlightening results. His new record with his band the New Line, Can’t Hold the Wheel, is an absorbing mixture of American and African musical styles, presented through a collection of reimagined Americana classics."
— Dan Bolles, Seven Days


A crankie is a scrolling illustration, wrapped up inside a wooden box and then hand-cranked so that it moves across a viewing screen. They used to be called 'moving panoramas' back in the day and are complete magic. I make my crankies with cut paper and incorporate them into my solo shows.

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Brendan Taaffe on Saturday, August 19

The Bayley-Hazen Boys   Bayley-Hazen Boys on Facebook

The Bayley-Hazen Boys take you on a rollicking ride from the hills of northern Vermont down through Americana to the southern Appalachians. Combining their fresh interpretation of time-tested traditional material with a wealth of original songs, these musical veterans blend soulful ballads, tight vocal harmonies, and hard driving instrumental work into a sound evoking the spirit of the early Stanley Brothers and Bill and Charlie Monroe.

The Bayley-Hazen Boys are as authentic as their namesake - the military road constructed during the Revolutionary War from Newbury to Lowell. With an energetic and entertaining stage presence, the “Boys” add a fun element to any show. Historical stories and yarns about musicians (famous or not) provide the background to their music. Explanations of the creation of the original songs are fascinating to listen to. Audiences large and intimate, young and old will love the interaction with the band.

Gary, Chris and Steve founded the well-known bluegrass group “Gopher Broke Bluegrass”. Gopher Broke recorded three albums, appeared at festivals, public and private performances throughout New England (and beyond) from 1999 to 2009, and were recognized as “one of Vermont’s genuine artistic treasures” by Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.
The Bayley Hazen Boys continue this level of professionalism with their distinctive old-time bluegrass mountain music, a style becoming increasingly scarce today.  Be sure to pick up a copy of their very well received 2013 CD "Another Blue Ribbon". 
Bluegrass Unlimited says: "This unassuming recording grows better with each listening. It’s like staring at the woods—the longer you look, the more you see. The longer you listen, the more you hear!"

The Bayley Hazen Boys feature Gary Darling on mandolin, Chris Cruger on bass and Steve Wright on guitar and five string banjo.
The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present our friends and neighbors - The Bayley-Hazen Boys
They will be performing at the Peacham Cafe on Saturday afternoon, August 19 and Gary Darling will be leading a bluegrass jam in the jam tent above the Church at 10:30 on Saturday morning


Midnight Capers Morris & Sword

In fall of 1980 some dedicated dancers got together at a workshop on Garland dancing taught by Dr. Tony Barrand. The group kept dancing together and due to one member’s dance experience the focus shifted to Cotswold Morris dancing. After a vote to name the Team in early 1981 the Midnight Capers was born. The Midnight Capers danced several traditional Cotswold village styles until 1986 when founding member Larry Becker with choreographic help from Lisa Ginett brought out a new tradition called Kingsbury Branch.
The Midnight Capers have written many dances in this style and danced our own Kingsbury Branch almost exclusively since that time in many locations in New England in various performances and on many tours with other New England teams. We hope that you will enjoy our great dances!

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present the Midnight Capers Morris & Sword
They will be performing at mid-day on Saturday, August 19 with a demonstration in the parking lot area in front of the town hall at 12:15
 followed by a workshop starting at 12:45

Alan Greenleaf  

Singer-songwriter Alan Greenleaf is one of Vermont’s most prolific and beloved songwriters. Robert Resnik considers Alan “the best songwriter in Vermont” 

He is a self taught finger picking guitar player whose songs and lyrics reflect the people and country around him. 

The stories he tells are greatly inspired by his years as a farmer in Northern Vermont. His music draws from many American traditions, including country, Appalachian, Blues and Jazz. 

And of course, he wrote the official song for the Strolling of the Heifers.


                           The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is happy to have Alan Greenleaf return to the festival on Saturday, August 19

Tom and Ethan Azarian      www.ethanazarian.net/

Ethan Azarian. Born in Vermont 1963, started playing guitar and banjo at age 7.

If you've got this far all you need to know is i paint pictures and make music and will do so for the rest of my life. 

In my formative years I played in the band Hollywood Indians circa 1980's. I moved to Austin in the early 90's and formed a band the Orange Mothers. In 2005 I started performing as a duo with fellow Orange Mother member Jeff Johnston. Jeff plays the saw and sings on the telephone making for a truly eclectic and original sound. The debut CD (Farmhouse Recordings) is a beautiful, haunting and captivating album due in part to the unique instrumentation: banjo, saw, telephone, piano, electric piano, xylophone and cello.

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is happy to have Tom and Ethan Azarian return to the festival on Saturday, August 18