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Jonathan Edwards
Warm as summer sunshine, real as the truth, intimate as a long overdue visit between old friends … such is a Jonathan Edwards concert.  Four decades into a stellar career of uncompromising musical integrity, the man simply delivers, night after night – songs of passion, songs of insight, songs of humor, all rendered in that pure and powerful tenor which, like fine wine, has only grown sweeter with age.
This is one vetera
n performer who is neither grizzled nor nostalgic.  These days Jonathan is likely to be found on the road. I've been...doing what I do best, which is playing live in front of people. I've been concentrating on that and loving it," he says. 
An artist who measures his success by his ability to attract and take good care of an audience for four decades, Jonathan maintains that it is the feedback he receives after his shows that keeps him going.  “It is really gratifying to hear [someone say], ‘Your stuff has meant a lot to me over the years.’”
The “stuff” he’s referring to is a highly respected repertoire that includes such classics as “Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy,” “Sometimes,” “One Day Closer,” “Don’t Cry Blue,” “Emma,”  “Everybody Knows Her,” “Athens County,” and everyone’s favorite ode to putting a good buzz on, “Shanty.”  And then, of course, there’s the anthemic “Sunshine (Go Away Today),” that fierce proclamation of protest and independence that resonated with thousands and thousands of frustrated and angry young men and women when it was first released in 1971.  Almost 40 years later, at show after show, the song continues to be embraced by faithful followers and new fans alike.

Since 1971, Jonathan has released 15 albums, including Blue Ridge, his standard-setting collaboration with bluegrass favorites the Seldom Scene, and Little Hands, his collection of children’s songs, which was honored with a National Library Association award.  
Jonathan Edwards        Photo: Sayer Bremar 

As for album #16, Jonathan says, “Young people that are getting back to the land and trying to get off the power grid encourage me.  My next studio album will reflect some of those themes.”  With that in mind, it’s no surprise that he closes each night’s show with these heartfelt lyrics:
Calling all dreamers and optimistic fools
Don't let go of your dream, make it now, make it all come true
If you believe in a brighter day
I know we can find our way
To this island, in a starry ocean
Poetry in motion, this island earth
A beautiful oasis for all human races
The only home that we know, this island earth.
                                                       -- Donna Johnston
                                                       October, 2009

 On Saturday night, August 18, 2018 the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present Jonathan Edwards!

Del Rey started playing guitar when she was four years old. At thirteen, she was immersed in the world of folk music, via the San Diego Folk Festival. She has tried to get a whole band onto her solo instrument from the beginning. This gives her music an interesting complexity, especially when applied to the ukulele.

Rags, blues and tunes of the early 20th century are her specialty, even as she writes new music to add to the tradition.  Del Rey also has fashion sense that would make Minnie Pearl smile.

Del Rey has taught and played all over the world, and brings her distinctive finger-style approach to guitar and ukulele to her teaching DVDs on Homespun “Boogie-Woogie Guitar” ” The Music Of Memphis Minnie” , “Memphis Uke Party” and “Blue Uke. Her website is www.delreyplays.com and her albums can be found at  www.hobemianrecords.com. 

What they say:

 “Del Rey, who plays a syncopated style of guitar based on prewar blues and barrelhouse piano traditions, is one of the best fingerpickers of this or any generation. “ Ian Zack, Acoustic Guitar

 “Whilst known for her amazing instrumental skills … it should not be overlooked that she always provides a very entertaining show, full of variety, drama and humour.”  Blues In Britain

On Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18, 2018 the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome back Del Rey!

  Bob Amos & Catamount Crossing    http://www.bobamos.com
With the release of two new critically acclaimed bluegrass CD, Borrowed Time, and Sunrise Blues Bob Amos has assembled a talented bluegrass ensemble, featuring some of New England’s favorite acoustic musicians, to perform his new material at selected concerts and festivals.

BOB AMOS & CATAMOUNT CROSSING features Bob on banjo, guitar and vocals, Sarah Amos on vocals, Freeman Corey on fiddle, Chris Cruger on bass, Gary Darling on mandolin and Steve Wright on guitar. The band puts on a  very entertaining high energy show, with stellar vocals, terrific original material, plus some great new interpretations of some bluegrass classics.

Bob Amos became an internationally recognized and acclaimed bluegrass musician and songwriter as the leader of the popular award winning band FRONT RANGE. From 1990-2003 FRONT RANGE recorded seven CDs, five for indie heavyweight SUGAR HILL RECORDS, and received top notch reviews and heavy airplay on bluegrass radio programs throughout the world.

With the release of his newest CDs Borrowed Time and Sunrise Blues which have received wonderful reviews and airplay on bluegrass radio shows all across the country, Bob is once again in the bluegrass spotlight with a whole new batch of stellar original songs, and a terrific new band, BOB AMOS & CATAMOUNT CROSSING to present this new material to the public.

On Friday, August 17, the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present Bob Amos and Catamount Crossing
and on Saturday, August 18, Bob and Sarah Amos 
 Original and traditional bluegrass featuring Sarah Amos (vocals),Freeman Corey (fiddle), Gary Darling (mandolin), Steve Wright (guitar) and Chris Cruger (bass).

Annie and the Hedonists    http://www.annieandthehedonists.com/

Take a little bit of folk music and mix it with acoustic blues, Western swing, and vintage jazz from the 1920s and ‘30s, and you end up with Annie and the Hedonists.
 “Great singing, great muicianship, authentic and real,” says North Country Public Radio. “If this is hedonism, I’m in!”

Annie is a captivating singer. She delivers a lyric like it was a cherished bedtime story; as comfortable as your favorite sweater; as truthful as…well, I can’t think of anything that honest. Her band mates, Peter Davis, (guitar, banjo, clarinet, piano, vocal), Jonny Rosen, (guitar, vocal) and Don Young, (bass, guitar, vocal), are first and foremost accomplished, serious musicians. More importantly, they each have an innate yet individual sense of childlike wonder, which is evident on every track, becoming more intoxicating upon multiple listenings, (I suggest 1,000 or more). ---Joel Moss, Producer, Managra Music 

“Annie’s versatile, vintage-tinged voice is the perfect match for the Hedonists’ ace musicianship” “Jazz, blues, country, folk, bluegrass ... it's all here."  ---Albany Times Union  Known for its dynamic lead singer and the tight harmonies and superb musicianship of the Hedonists – the band interprets the songs of the great female blues artists of the 1920s, 30s and 40s, including Bessie Smith, Sippie Wallace, Memphis Minnie, Ma Rainey, Billie Holiday, and Ella Fitzgerald.  

"Everybody had a grin all night long," says Ithaca radio host Phil Shapiro of an appearance on his show Bound for Glory. "They'd slip seamlessly from old jazz to gospel, to country, to even a couple of Dylan songs. They know how to connect all this music, and do it so it's pure magic."
On Saturday, August 18, 2018 the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Annie and the Hedonists

Dana & Susan Robinson  http://www.robinsongs.com/

Americana-roots and folk duo, Dana and Susan Robinson combine vivid, songwriting and storytelling, with fiddle tunes, banjo grooves, elegant melodies, and rich harmony singing. 
“Many songwriters have been heralded as modern day Woody Guthries or keepers of the American rural spirit, but that mantle might be better entrusted to musicians like Dana Ro
binson who embody both the heart and soul of folk music.” Dirty Linen

Drawing upon experiences of more than twenty years of touring, Dana and Susan craft a performance that conveys the mystery and wonders of their journey. Their unique blend of original songwriting and traditional Appalachian music, bring to their performances a deep understanding of America’s musical heritage, and how it relates to our contemporary lives.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Dana relocated to New England where he discovered both a thriving songwriters scene and the deep well of traditional mountain music. In the early 1980s, Dana settled in northern Vermont and built a house “off the grid” on 30 acres near the Canadian border. There he founded a popular bakery, café and music venue. Dana launched into full-time touring after the release of his 1994 debut CD, Elemental Lullabye, and after receiving a request to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City for Putumayo’s Shelter benefit project.

Susan grew up with her dad’s jazz big band rehearsing in the basement in Manchester, Vermont and learned classical piano as a child. As an adult she turned to oboe and Scottish fiddle. After Susan and Dana met in 2002, she took up old-time banjo and learned from the banjo-greats in and around Asheville, North Carolina. Since 2003 Dana and Susan have performed hundreds of concerts across the United States, Great Britain and Canada.

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival welcomes Dana & Susan Robinson on Saturday, August 18

Quickstep - John, Trish & Joel   www.johnandtrish.com

Lively fiddle tunes, folksongs and fancy footwork are featured in a concert with Quickstep.  Many of their music selections are rooted in the local lore of the Adirondacks and northeast woodlands.  John and Trish are a married couple from upstate New York near Saratoga Springs. They play music for community square and contra dances, and both are dance callers.  Jazz at Lincoln Center and the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs selected Mountain Quickstep (John & Trish with Sara Milonovich & Greg Anderson), to tour as ‘music ambassadors’ in 2011-12 for The Rhythm Road: American Music Abroad program. They also have entertained for concerts and festivals all across America.

Quickstep play a diverse repertoire of original and traditional music. Leading the way are John’s fiddle selections from Americana, Canadian and Celtic styles. His warm tenor voice is clear and engaging. The variety of songs they present can be humorous, old fashioned, story telling, original, popular and poetic. 

John Kirk is a renowned singer, songwriter, and versatile instrumentalist on fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and banjo. He is part of the music faculty at Bennington College in Vermont and he teaches at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. Working as a teaching artist for school music and dance residences has also been an important part of his career. In addition to his work with Trish Miller and their band, Quickstep, John works with the Susquehanna String Band and the Vanaver Caravan. He has performed with notable artists such as Pete Seeger, Tom Chapin, Kate Wolfe, John Sebastian, the Woodshed Allstars, The Burns Sisters, Daspuppenspiel and for almost ten years, John toured with Walt Michael & Co. He teaches at several music camps and also has theatrical experience as a composer, musician and actor. John can be heard on TV and recording projects such as Ken Burns, PBS documentary, The West, on ABC TV’s, American Christmas, and on several other multi-media projects. The Dixie Chicks recorded his song, “Long Roads”.

Trish Miller  has been performing and teaching Appalachian clogging from her college days in Virginia up to the present. She also plays guitar, banjo and sings. Trish is a dance caller and country dance choreographer. Her award winning stepping style is rooted in the southern mountains and she changes it up with some steps from tap and Celtic repertoire. As a member of the Green Grass Cloggers, from Asheville, N.C., Trish learned ensemble footwork entertaining throughout the U.S. and abroad. With John Kirk, she has helped to create music and dance programs for all ages. Trish has taught banjo at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY, for over ten years. She also teaches elementary school music and dance programs and works in camp and festival settings. 

Joel Rosenberger is the third member of Quickstep.  Joel is a fine musician who plays accordion (great for dances), tenor banjo and Celtic Harp.   

On Friday, August 17 and Saturday, August 18, 2018 the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Quickstep - John, Trish and Joel

Nils Fredland

Master Dance Caller
Nils Fredland has been calling dances with admirable skill and infectious energy since 2000. Respected for his expertise as a teacher and caller, sensitive leadership, and generosity, Nils is one of the busiest and most sought-after callers in the business. He draws on a large and varied repertoire of dances, presenting material from centuries-old "chestnuts" to cutting-edge contemporary choreography.

Nils is also known for breathing new life into traditional singing squares, and he has co-authored two books on the topic with master callers. Nils studied classical trombone at Indiana University, and has played his horn in ensembles ranging from symphony orchestras to ska bands. In Elixir Nils brings together his myriad talents in one thrilling package. Nils also works as the American Dance Publications Coordinator at the Country Dance and Song Society.
The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Nils Fredland
on Friday, August 17 and on Saturday, August 18

Jason Bergman -The Primal Boys

Presenting American roots music, blues and bluegrass, the Primal Boys are Russell Seeger, guitar, and Jason Bergman, fiddle, with special guest percussionist Larry Eagle.

Seeger is a talented songwriter and guitarist who’s been around the New York scene the 1970s when he was a member of the Sheiks. He recently released “Live in Peace” on Paradiddle Records, and had appeared on their Bob Dylan and the Kinks tribute albums. As a member of the Last Hombres, Seeger has toured the US, recording the album “Redemption” with drummer Levon Helm. Seeger has also performed with the Kennedys, Peter Rowan, Vassar Clements, John Hartford and Paul Seibel.

Bergman became a Barnet resident after performing on five continents as half the New York duo Jason ‘n’ Grayson. Here in Vermont he has been a member of Banjo Dan and the Midnight Plowboys, and the Woods Tea Company, as well as recording and performing with Colin McCaffrey, Patti Casey and Patrick Ross to name a few. Bergman is also a member of the Vermont Philharmonic and the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra. He has a thriving presence as a music teacher at the St. Johnsbury Academy and at his studio in Barnet.

Drummer and percussionist, Larry Eagle keeps his musical portfolio diversified. He’s a founding member of Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions Band (Grammy winner for traditional folk music) and played drums on pop star John Legend’s Grammy nominated second album. The 2013 Andy Statman album Superstring Theory is a quintet record featuring Andy Statman, Jim Whitney, Eagle and special guests Tim O’brien and Michael Cleveland. Eagle had recorded albums with artists as diverse as country\bluegrass superstar Ricky Skaggs and powerful jazz\soul singer Lizz Wright. Eagle has performed on the Tonight Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Good Morning America, PBS, the BBC and an ice-breaking Baltic Sea ferry out of Naantali, Finland.

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Jason Bergman and the Primal Boys
on Friday, August 17 and on Saturday, August 18

Tom Banjo with 
 Azarian      www.ethanazarian.net/

Crankie Show and Performance
Tom Azarian, a.k.a. 
Tom Banjo, has been kicking around Burlington's musical community for decades. Affably gruff and indubitably experienced, he's among the few local pickers who stuck with old-time music well past the 1960s folk revival. In addition to being a seasoned player, he's a living piece of rock 'n' roll trivia. According to Azarian -- and, as the legend has it, mandolin maestro David Grisman -- he's the same "Tom Banjo" immortalized in "Mountains of the Moon," a cut from the Grateful Dead's 1968 classic Aoxomwoxoa.

A "cranky show" is an old-timey form of entertainment in which hand-drawn images on a scroll are hand-cranked across a screen or small stage. These are typically accompanied by a musician, who tells the story on the scrolls in song form. Tom Banjo — aka Tom Azarian — is the local master of the cranky show and can often be found at Burlington's Radio Bean cranking out humorous yarns, often based on popular folk tales, of runaway meatballs, stubborn mules and wayward cats.  The Crankie Show will be part of the performance in the church at 1:30 on Saturday. 

Tom Banjo will be performing with his sons, Ethan and Jesse 
Azarian.  Ethan is  a musician and 
an artist
in his own right now living and performing in Austin, Texas.  Ethan has performed at PAMFest on several prior occasions.  Jesse is also a musician and artist.  

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome 
Tom Banjo and sons, Ethan and Jesse 
offering a Crankie Show (1:30 in the Church) and some fine old-time music at 3:00 on the Craft Fair Stage on Saturday, August 18, 2018!

The Bayley-Hazen Boys   Bayley-Hazen Boys on Facebook

The Bayley-Hazen Boys take you on a rollicking ride from the hills of northern Vermont down through Americana to 
the southern Appalachians. Combining
their fresh interpretation of time-tested traditional material with a wealth of original songs, these musical veterans blend soulful ballads, tight vocal harmonies, and hard driving instrumental work into a sound evoking the spirit of the early Stanley Brothers and Bill and Charlie Monroe. 

The Bayley-Hazen Boys are as authentic as their namesake - the military road constructed during the Revolutionary War from Newbury to Lowell. With an energetic and entertaining stage presence, the “Boys” add a fun element to any show. Historical stories and yarns about musicians (famous or not) provide the background to their music. Explanations of the creation of the original songs are fascinating to listen to. Audiences large and intimate, young and old will love the interaction with the band. 

Gary, Chris and Steve founded the well-known bluegrass group “Gopher Broke Bluegrass”. Gopher Broke recorded three albums, appeared at festivals, public and private performances throughout New England (and beyond) from 1999 to 2009, and were recognized as “one of Vermont’s genuine artistic treasures” by Bluegrass Unlimited magazine.
The Bayley Hazen Boys continue this level of professionalism with their distinctive old-time bluegrass mountain music, a style becoming increasingly scarce today.  Be sure to pick up a copy of their very well received 2013 CD "Another Blue Ribbon". 
Bluegrass Unlimited says"This unassuming recording grows better with each listening. It’s like staring at the woods—the longer you look, the more you see. The longer you listen, the more you hear!"

The Bayley Hazen Boys feature Gary Darling on mandolin, Chris Cruger on bass and Steve Wright on guitar and five string banjo.
The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present our friends and neighbors - The Bayley-Hazen Boys
They will be performing on Saturday, August 18 

Doug Perkins

Doug Perkins of Washington, Vermont is a virtuosic acoustic guitar player, whose high octane chops have enlivened many of Vermont’s most popular bands, over his several decades as a working musician in the state. His powerful and subtly expressive technique and composing in diverse genres including jazz, bluegrass and classical, was recently recognized for its excellence when his first solo effort Music for Flat-top Guitar (2012 Thunder Ridge Records) was designated “Best Instrumental Album” by the Barre-Montpelier Times Argus. Doug is an unparalleled master of the steel string guitar and has brought the instrument into a new relationship with modern styles of music.

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is pleased to welcome Doug Perkins back 
on Friday, August 17 and on Saturday, August 18

The GrassFed Boys      

The GrassFed Boys, based in Lyman NH, have been playing uptempo bluegrass since 2008. You may have seen the boys perform at gazebo concerts, the Lyndonville Street Festival, or at your local watering hole.

On the five string banjo and lead vocals is Jeff Simano from Lyman. Jeff has played in several local bands over the years and has been with the GrassFed Boys since the beginning. In fact the band started in Jeff’s kitchen and it hasn’t stopped since. Jeff notes that it is hard to describe what goes on at a GrassFed Boys practice, but there is rarely a dull moment.

Nick Mike, on guitar, started playing Bluegrass in the 1970’s in Ohio and West Virginia. Nick has been playing locally in the Franconia area for the past 28 years. Starting with the early formation of Gopher Broke, Nick has learned and grown from the talented pickers in the North Country.

Perry Williams, on bass, grew up in the Keene NH area and played trumpet in various concert and marching bands during his school years. After working in the hi-tech business during the 1980’s, he “retired” to Lyman and did surveying, carpentry and produced maple syrup. Perry picked up the guitar in 2001 and frequented the Back Shed jam in Monroe and the Barn Jam in Bethlehem where he met up with many other North Country musicians, eventually forming the GrassFed Boys in 2008. Perry now lives in Waterford VT where he plays bass with the GrassFed Boys and the Barnyard Incident. Perry is a co-founder of the Summertime Marching Band.

David Choate first became fascinated with Bluegrass music as a young boy watching the Dillards, aka the Darlings, on the Andy Griffith Show. David has played mandolin with the GrassFed Boys since they first came together in Jeff’s kitchen. He also handles mandolin duties for the Back Shed String Band and the Brock Hill Band out of Bridgewater NH. David is a founding member of the Friday night Bluegrass jam session at the Shed in Monroe NH, now in its 20th year.

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present - The GrassFed Boys
They will be performing on Saturday, August 18 

Fifth Business     Fifth Business on Facebook

Like the weather in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont from which they hail, if you don't like the music of Fifth Business, just wait a minute! That English pub song might be followed by a set of Celtic fiddle tunes, or an original song about local affairs. Fifth Business has been blending music from the US and the British Isles for a dozen or so years now at farmers markets and other local venues. Classically trained violinist Nic Anzalone has been turned to the traditional side and leads the way with expressive fiddling; Stuart Corso contributes a lively button accordion; and Steve Davie keeps it all together with guitar and octave mandolin (that's the weird-looking one). Along with Heather Alger and Kate Davie, everyone provides vocals in a repertoire that leans to songs about rural living and/or people who are behaving badly. If you need proof that folk music isn't necessarily politically correct, you'll find it here.

Fifth Business is pleased to announce the release of their new CD, Plenty Love and Bacon - produced and engineered by John Heartson at Dreamery Productions Recording Studio in Barnet, VT - be sure to pick up a copy of this wonderful collection, hot off the presses!”


 The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present - Fifth Business

They will be performing on Saturday, August 18 


Midnight Capers Morris & Sword

In fall of 1980 some dedicated dancers got together at a workshop on Garland dancing taught by Dr. Tony Barrand. The group kept dancing together and due to one member’s dance experience the focus shifted to Cotswold Morris dancing. After a vote to name the Team in early 1981 the Midnight Capers was born. The Midnight Capers danced several traditional Cotswold village styles until 1986 when founding member Larry Becker with choreographic help from Lisa Ginett brought out a new tradition called Kingsbury Branch.
The Midnight Capers have written many dances in this style and danced our own Kingsbury Branch almost exclusively since that time in many locations in New England in various performances and on many tours with other New England teams. We hope that you will enjoy our great dances!

The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is proud to present the Midnight Capers Morris & Sword
They will be performing at mid-day on Saturday, August 18 with a demonstration in the parking lot area in front of the town hall at 12:15
 followed by a workshop starting at 12:45

Alan Greenleaf  

Singer-songwriter Alan Greenleaf is one of Vermont’s most prolific and beloved songwriters. Robert Resnik considers Alan “the best songwriter in Vermont” 

He is a self taught finger picking guitar player whose songs and lyrics reflect the people and country around him. 

The stories he tells are greatly inspired by his years as a farmer in Northern Vermont. His music draws from many American traditions, including country, Appalachian, Blues and Jazz. 

And of course, he wrote the official song for the Strolling of the Heifers.


                           The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is happy to have Alan Greenleaf return to the festival on Saturday, August 18