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In conjunction with the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival, we have invited a number of food vendors to join us for the weekend.  We seek to offer a balance of food choices to satisfy the varied needs of our guests.  We will keep this listing updated as it evolves.
If you have questions or would like to sign up as food provider, please contact Rachael Moragues,  Craft Fair and Food Coordinator at email: rtmoragues@gmail.com or telephone: (802) 592-3118.

Genuine Jamaican               Friday / Saturday     At the "Food Court" (aka the tennis courts)        

Derrick Samuels sells authentic Jamaican sauces and seasonings along with numerous prepared dishes from the Island which may include Jamaican Patties, Jerk Pork or Jerk Chicken with Seasoned Rice and Veggies


Friends of Peacham Library  Friday - Saturday    At the "Food Court" (aka the tennis courts)

Friends of Peacham Library raises funds to pay for Peacham Library's books and programs.
Homemade Ice Cream like you read about. 

Root Juice Friday - Saturday

Smoothies, grilled cheese and soup