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Family Tent

The FAMILYT TENT was introduced at the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival in 2012.  This is a magic place of music and art exploration - and just plain fun!  Children and their caregivers will have the opportunity to assemble and decorate their very own Imbera/Kalimba/Thumb Piano along with other acoustic instruments made from recycled items.  Make a dream catcher or playful hat, juggle scarves, whirl a hula hoop, make giant bubbles or play with Oobleck.
Special features at the Family Tent include a Magical Pebble Harp, Giant translucent rain stick, a hand painted “Hank Drum” and a Grand Xylophone all provided by The Natural Playgrounds Company of Concord, New Hampshire.  These innovative, environmentally sensitive, outdoor playground instruments can be seen at http://naturalplaygrounds.com/
The FAMILY TENT will be located near the Craft Fair and  Entertainment Tent on the Peacham Town Green, encouraging creativity, active listening, moving and exploration in a setting that allows the whole family to enjoy the days events.   Just listen for the laughter.