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Dear Friends,


Music will again fill the hills of Peacham, Vermont August 12th and 13th. 2022 at the tenth annual Peacham Acoustic Music Festival aka PAMFest. 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to cancel the festival in 2020 and 2021 - but they say "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and we hope that you will rejoin us in 2022 with a heart full of love and joy to be at PAMFest once again!


We invite you to attend the festival and experience the finest in acoustic music genres including folk, blues, bluegrass, Celtic, classical, and old-time traditional performed by local and national artists.  The festival provides unique venues for experiencing the best of Vermont’s local culture including contra dances, music workshops, jam sessions, craft fair, family events — and the return of the popular instrument petting zoo. 


The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival was born in 2010 from a vision to offer Peacham and the surrounding region the opportunity to experience the best, first-class acoustic music possible in a spectacular setting.   


Enthusiastically supported by the community, the festival has become an important element in the culture of Peacham and the Northeast Kingdom.  Key community institutions now open their doors to accommodate the festival’s diverse needs:

Ø  The Peacham Congregational Church provides a primary concert venue and workshop sites. 

Ø  The Town of Peacham provides spaces for the contra dances, a food court, and parking access.

Ø  Peacham Community Housing provides locations for the craft fair and outdoor entertainment tent.

ØThe Peacham Café provides a concert venue in a laid-back, quiet café where patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee while enjoying the fine music

Ø  The community room in the Peacham Library accommodates the performers for show preparation and as a place to eat and relax.

Ø  The Peacham Fire Department provides safety support with trained personnel available to respond to medical events.


Over 75 volunteers are involved in staging this event — a remarkable number given that the population of Peacham is about 730!  Other Peacham institutions including the Northeast Kingdom Astronomy Foundation and the Peacham Historical Association leverage PAMFest to introduce guests to their activities with demonstrations and tours.


PAMFest is also supported by our partners at Catamount Arts and by Kingdom County Productions, both generously sharing their resources and knowledge with PAMFest since its inception.  

PAMFest has become a popular and respected event for festival attendees as well as the professional musicians, vendors and service providers who create this idyllic weekend.  When the festival resumes in 2022, we will continue to provide excellent entertainment in a spectacular setting – Peacham, Vermont, which was designated “the best village in New England” by Yankee Magazine in 2005.  A feature photo essay of the 2013 PAMFest by renowned photographer Richard W. Brown was presented in the Summer 2014 edition of Vermont Life Magazine.


A team of coordinators handling housing, facilities, parking, food, advertising, camping,  dance, workshops and other aspects of the festival, start meeting early in the year.  Performers are booked, venues reserved, volunteers organized and so on during the months prior to the event.


Ticket sales cover only the musician fees representing roughly half of the total festival cost.  The festival must also pay for the underlying infrastructure — advertising, sound reinforcement services, tent and toilet rentals, liability insurance, communication, signage, and myriad other expenses necessary to make the festival succeed.


In order for the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival to continue as a vital part of Peacham and the Northeast Kingdom, we ask that you make a donation to help us meet our event costs. PAMFest brings people from all over Vermont and New England into the Northeast Kingdom showcasing our quality of culture and hospitality — it is an event truly worthy of your support! 


A special donation site has been set up on the Catamount Arts web page - you can go directly to the site by pressing  DONATE NOW


Thank you for your generous donations for this important event.


Frank Miller


Peacham Acoustic Music Festival

 To get more information about donating to PAMFest, please contact Frank Miller - frank.miller@charter.net, or Patrice McDonough - patricemcdonough@yahoo.com