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Craft Fair

In conjunction with the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival, we have invited a number of craft, food and service vendors to join us for the weekend.  And don't miss the Family Tent which provides kids and their adult companions with a world of activities with a slant towards the musical.  We will keep this listing of the vendors updated as they sign up. 
If you would like to sign up, please contact Rachael Moragues at email: pamfestmarket@gmail.com.
This listing is out of date as of 8 June 2019 - Please check back later for updates

Deborah Ann Travis

Hand-dyed Shibori indigo and fiber scarves and hand painted silk fiber art.

Deborah Travis is a watercolor painter and fiber artist who works with watercolor and mixed media. She also draws with pen and ink and integrates painting, drawing, dyes and mixed media into her works on paper, silk and other fibers. Deborah creates works on fabric using indigo, fiber-reactive dyes, drawing and resists. She utilizes Shibori techniques, marbling, and painting in her mixed media quilts, hangings, and wearable art such as scarves and kimonos

Deborah Ann Travis Web Page

Deborah Ann Travis

Steam Punk Pro

Steam Punk Lamps made of black iron pipe, brass and chrome.

Gerry makes lamps out of pipe, brass and chrome. Using parts from salvage yards, he incorporates gears and gauges and on/off switches using porcelain bathroom fixtures.

Gerry Conlon Web Page

Gerry Conlon

Christian Poupart  Scroll Saw Artisan

Wooden Tea Lights, Signs, Puzzles, Ornaments, and more

Christian Poupart Facebook Page

Christian Poupart


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Hooker Mountain Farm Distillery 

Small Batch, Craft Spirits

Hooker Mountain Farm Distillery

Carrie and Kempton Randolf

Jessica’s Jems 

Boutique Clothing, Handmade Signs, Custom Stamped Jewelery

Jessica Roy

Vermont Poster

Archival Watercolor Prints of Original Paintings by Kevin Ruelle

Since 2008, Kevin Ruelle has been creating a series of faux vintage travel posters. Using uniquely American early 20th century watercolor style in concert with a period airbrush technique, Kevin creates the art deco Vermont poster that nostalgia calls for but adds the perspective that only a Vermonter could have. The giclee reproductions are made with archival inks, elegantly textured, heavy cotton paper and acid free matting. These Vermont Posters are meant to last a lifetime.

 Vermont Poster  or Kevin Ruelle Fine Art

Kevin Ruelle

Unique Baubles by Monikrafts

Unique Baubles by Monikrafts offers hand-made in Vermont jewelry with an Austrian touch.

Monicrafts Facebook Page

Stan & Monika Sloan

Peace Love Hoop 

Hoops for kids and adults - small, medium, and large adult size hula hoops crafted in NEK.

Peace Love Hoop VT Facebook Page

Karen Baldwin

Body Charge Therapeutic Massage

Chair Massage, Table Massage, Thai Yoga Body Work, Hula Hoop Lessons, and Tarot Card Readings. 

Darcie Feller

Vermont Quilt Arts

Art Quilts, Framed Stitched Photographs, Fabric Postcards, Notecards, Potholders, Microwave Bowls

One-of-a-kind art quilts mostly images of the Vermont Landscape.

Vermont Quilt Arts Website

Anne Standish

Beadz, Bagz, 

and Baublez

Cosmetic Bags, Phone Holders, Pincushions, Purses, Totes, Keychains

Bags, totes, accessories and more are handmade using colorful, high quality fabrics. Tremendous attention to detail and craftsmanship are obvious in all of my one-of-a-kind products.

Beadz, Bagz and Baublez Website

Sandi Montieth

Vermont Quilted Goods 

Batik Wrapped, Corded Baskets and Bowls, Coasters, Trivets, Lanyards

Think outside the box for a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted gift. Batik wrapped corded baskets, bowls, coasters, and trivets.

Vermont Quilted Goods Facebook Page

Joanne Owen

Earth Art 

Handmade Sterling, Copper and Brass Jewelry. Watercolor Paintings

Earth Art works in sterling, brass and copper, embossing, hammering and stamping to create jewelry inspired by garden and earth patterns. Paintings as well, all come from North Country views.

 Cathy Smith

Progressive Asset Management 

Investment Services

We provide values based socially and environmentally responsible investing services to individuals, families, small companies and non-profits. Our investments include fossil fuel free and community development options

Progressive Asset Management Website

David Zwick