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For more information about the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival, or if you have any questions, please contact:
Frank Miller, Director                                                    Lynne Lawson, Housing Coordinator
Email:  frank.miller@charter.net                                    Email:  lynnemaries@gmail.com
Telephone: (802) 592-3140                                         Telephone:  (802) 592-3632
Jean Dedam, Dance Coordinator                                   Barry Lawson, Camping Coordinator
Email:  jeandedam@fairpoint.net                                  Email:  lawson384@charter.net
Telephone:  (802) 592-3176                                        Telephone:  (802) 592-3632
 Rick Scholes, Volunteer Coordinator                           Ticket Sales - Catamount Arts
 Email: bankrupt@fairpoint.net                                     Email: info@catamountarts.org 
 Telephone:  (802) 426-3111                                       Telephone: (802) 748-2600 or Toll Free (888) 757-5559
Julie Morrison, Food Services Coordinator                    Melissa Laurita Kohl, Craft Fair Coordinator
Email:  jam57@fairpoint.net                                         Email:  flora.fauna.folkschool@gmail.com   
Telephone:  (802) 563-2494

Rose Dedam, Workshop Coordinator
Telephone: (802) 592-3068