Welcome to the Peacham Acoustic Music Festival - August 15 & 16, 2014
Peacham is nestled in the corner of Vermont known as the Northeast Kingdom.  It is a land of pastoral beauty and gently rolling hills.  There are many summertime diversions with lakes and streams for fishing, boating and swimming; the 20 miles of the Peacham Pathways trail system and miles of bikeable roads. 
There is a wonderful mix of the old and new - a lifescape as rooted in New England traditions as the very
hills themselves, and yet a place that fosters and inspires independance, creativity and individuality.
The Peacham Acoustic Music Festival is also a blend of the old and the new - roots music from the Celtic
ons, old time fiddle tunes, and a touch of blues and bluegrass - not to mention The Dance!!  
We strive to provide the finest in local and national talent - check out our Performers
 page for the who's who of the people that will lead our concerts, workshops, jam sessions and dance!
Take a look at the Schedule page and start planning how to ration out your time over the weekend.
A popular event that challenges the creative soul of musicians of every ability level is the Band
Scramble.  Throw your name in
the hat and get thrown together with 3 or 4 other adventurous souls to put together a song or two for
presentation during the Saturday Afternoon concert.

New this year - camping is available in Peacham Village through the generosity of a local farm owner.  Go to the Accommodation page for more information!

There are several ticketing choices at the 2014 Peacham Acoustic Music Festival and some important new purchase options:  
  1. We are offering "early bird" discounts for the first time:
    1.  Purchase of tickets prior to July 1st will enjoy a 20% discount from the full price.
    2.  Purchase of tickets after June 30, but prior to August 1st, receive a 10% discount from the full price. 
  2. Seniors who are 70+ will receive an additional 10% discount.
  3. Younger patrons whose age falls between 5 and 16 years  will receive an additional 10% discount
  4. And for our youngest fans - those under 5 years of age - they can enjoy PAMFest at No Charge (but must be accompanied by an adult!)
Note that the festival is on - rain or shine - the dance and concert venues are indoors